Louisville Squirrel Removal

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If a female squirell is captured and removed that has young, the baby squirrels will move around the attic in search of their mother. Often they will fall down between walls and become trapped. Once trapped, they will scratch and jump trying to climb out. If they are not removed, the squirrel in a wall will die. A squirrel trapped in a wall must be removed within a couple days before they die of dehydration.

A squirrel trapped in a fireplace is a problem that many people have and get free advice to open the fireplace door and the outside door to let it out. Bad idea. That squirrel doesn’t know where the front door is! If instead it chooses to go downstairs, how many of your things is it going to damage trying to find its way out? Squirrels chew on curtains, window frames and doors when trapped inside a house. To remove a squirrel from a fireplace, it requires much more than simply opening the doors and shooing it out.

Decided to stop feeding the birds because the squirrels are using the feeder? Squirrels often get aggressive when you stop feeding them and may rip through your window screens trying to get into “the place” that the food comes from. They may also attack you if they have been fed over a long period of time.

Patch the hole assuming the squirrels are out. You “think” they are all out and you repair the hole that they used to gain entrance. Well, maybe they were not all out when you repaired the area. Now you have a squirrel trapped in the attic. It will chew and gnaw its way out of the attic and further damage the structure. It will find its way out; it is just a matter of time. It may find its way into the house!

Catch the squirrel in the attic and let it go in the backyard. This didn’t solve the problem and may only make the squirrel more determined to get back inside the building.

If you or someone you know is having a wildlife problem, give us a call, we will help.

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